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Who can apply for finance?

Anyone located in New Zealand who is 18+, holds a current drivers licence and is in full time employment. We also have options for Work Visa holders. WINZ Applicants will require a guarantor who is in full time employment.

How do I apply?

Our online application is easy and available here. If you prefer over the phone, we can call you at a time that suits you. Just contact us here.

How much can I borrow?

From 5k to 250k. The amount of lending is determined once a full application has been received and affordability assessment completed.

Can I get pre-approval before I find a car?

Yes, this lets you know the amount you can spend to keep repayments within budget before you start test driving.

How quick is the approval?

We aim to have a response to you within 2 hours.

Do I need a deposit?

Not necessarily, this would be determined once full application is received.

What are the interest rates?

Lending rates range from 9.95% to 18.95%. Rates vary depending on many factors including the amount of lending, the term of the loan, the level of deposit or equity in the loan, customer credit history, and customer risk profile.

What loan terms are available?

From 12 months to 60 months.

What vehicle types do you lend on?

Almost everything! If it has a serial, registration or engine number, chances are we can assist you with finance.

Do you offer Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

Yes we offer MBI

Can I repay a loan early?

Yes. All finance companies charge a small admin fee to close the loan account but clients are entitled to a full interest rebate.

Can I borrow if I have bad credit?

We cannot guarantee this but are happy to take a look for you.

Do I have to buy from a dealer?

You can buy from a dealer or a private seller.